The Atlanta Affiliate of NBCDI is excited to join the Raising A Reader Affiliate Network.  This network is a national network of early literacy leaders pursuing a collective mission: to engage families in a routine of a daily “book-cuddling” with their children to foster healthy brain development, parent-child bonding, and early literacy skills critical for school success.  Raising A Reader Affiliates leverage the work of the Raising A Reader National Staff and other Raising A Reader Affiliates nationwide by sharing funding, best practices, research, evaluation results and more.

The BCDI-Atlanta will work with a local childcare provider to implement the Raising A Reader (RAR) program for the 2012-2013 school year.  This exciting opportunity has great benefits and follows the core model of RAR.

Some experiences of our Atlanta Project include:

  • Each child of the selected 4 year old classes  gets to rotate bags with 4 books home every week
  • Parents  have the opportunity to attend trainings that include interactive book sharing/read aloud skills
  • Connections with Libraries
  • Reading celebration events
  • Professional Development for Teachers


Raising A Reader’s Theory of Change is a theoretical framework informed by research which forms the basis of the performance expectations and anchor behaviors.

The Theory of Change asserts that:


The child drives the process and the red book bag and books become a favorite toy;

Program implementers learn how to train parents in read-aloud strategies and early brain development;

The book bag delivery system is turn-key: a simple sustainable routine that is easily managed in a number of diverse settings;

Parents learn and engage in “read-aloud” strategies and develop regular routines of book cuddling


Families get to know and use their local library, drawn in by the child and the power of the Blue Library Bag;

THENChildren will enter kindergarten with a love of books and ready to learn to read.